PM5 Monitor

Please select an option on the right. We are currently out of stock of PM5 monitors for RowErgs.  We expect to have new stock in early June.

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£145.00 tax incl.

  • SkiErg 2

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Our most advanced Performance Monitor. Features wireless heart rate monitoring, the ability to store workouts to a USB flash drive (not included), and is backlit for improved visibility in low light environments.


  • PM5 Monitor
  • Two D cell batteries

Retrofitting a PM5 to a Model D

When retrofitting a PM5 to a Model D to replace a PM3 or PM4 you have two options: to purchase just the monitor (PN 1818) or to purchase the monitor and a replacement Monitor Arm.

While the PM5 will fit on the existing monitor arm, the new monitor arm allows for improved monitor cord routing for a tidier overall finished look. The retrofit you choose is up to your personal preference.

Retrofitting a PM5 to a Model C

To Fit to a Model C Indoor Rower you will need some additional parts (see Accessories below):

  • PN 1025 - Monitor Arm x 1
  • PN 1266 - Bolt (3/8 x 4") x 1
  • PN 1268 - Bolt (3/8-16 x 3") x 1
  • PN 1270 - Nut (3//-16 Nylock) x 1
  • PN 1271 - Nut (3/8-16 Hexnut) x 1

You will also need to re-configure the monitor to work with the older flywheel and sensor. There will be instructions on how to do this included with the monitor.

If you are not sure which model indoor rower you have, visit for help.