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Seat Roller (Bottom) with Hardware

Seat Roller (Bottom) with Hardware


For use with Model C, D, E and Dynamic Indoor Rowers. This is one of the small bottom seat rollers (two per machine; sold individually) that runs under the top edge of the monorail. Includes mounting hardware (nut, bolt and spacers) that hold the roller on the seat frame. See more info.

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£5.56 tax incl.

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These are not load-bearing rollers; they are there to keep the seat assembly on the rail. If your seat does not run smoothly back and forth on top of the rail as you are rowing, first make sure the stainless steel track and top seat roller surface are clean. (Use glass cleaner like Windex.)

Top seat rollers generally wear out before bottom seat rollers. If you need to replace your bottom seat rollers refer to the instructions below.

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