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  • £1,190.00

    The Dynamic Indoor Rower offers the closest simulation to rowing on the water and was developed to meet the specific training needs of the competitive rowing athlete. Comes equipped with a PM5. Not available to order online. Please call 0115 9340 140 to order.

  • £1,060.00

    The Model E offers presence and durability with its 20 inch frame height, nickel-plated chain, and glossy clear coat finish. Comes in grey or black and is equipped with a PM5.

  • £1,007.00

    These machines have been returned under our 30-day Money Back Guarantee. They are in perfect working order and come with a full two-year warranty. Machines with a 5% discount have no significant marks or blemishes. Machines with a 10% discount may have minor cosmetic scuffs and marks.

  • £860.00

    The dependable performance of the Concept2 Model D Indoor Rower has made it the best selling indoor rower in the world. Available in black or grey, with our most advanced Performance Monitor, the PM5.

  • £800.00

    These machines are ones that were used at the Irish IRC on January 25th. They are available at this reduced price for collection only from Limerick, they cannot be delivered to a postal address. Note: the final price will include VAT at 23% for Irish customers. 

  • £300.00

    Add an on water feel to your Model A, B, C, D or E Indoor Rower with the Concept2 Slide! Additional Slides can be ordered in singles at Slides - Single

  • £155.00

    Our most advanced Performance Monitor. Features wireless heart rate monitoring, the ability to store workouts to a USB flash drive (sold separately), and is backlit for improved visibility in low light environments. See more info. Important! Be sure to select the correct machine (using the options on the right) when purchasing this part.

  • £150.00

    If you already have a pair of Concept2 Slides and want to be able to link two or more indoor rowers together to simulate a "double" for great team training, you can purchase a spare slide (one slide, as pictured). Pairs available to order at Slides - Pair

  • £110.00

    For use on the Model E Indoor Rower. Includes caster wheels. See more info.

  • £100.00

    This is a box of 25 LogCards at a discounted price—great for rowing coaches or health clubs where more LogCards are needed.

  • £95.00

    Aimed at adaptive athletes, the Concept2 Tractor Seat is an alternative sliding seat available for Concept2 Indoor Rowers Models A, B, C, D, and E. It features a wider, more stable base for people who need more support while rowing.

  • £88.00

    Includes molded foot caps. Does not include the hardware or the rear bumper. See more info.

  • £80.00

    Water-resistant cover for Model E Indoor Rowers.

  • £70.00

    For use with the Model A and B Indoor Rower (Ergometer) only. This seat assembly includes the seat top, carriage, seat rollers and hardware.

  • £65.00

    This is the damper-side cover for the Model C Indoor Rower.  Does not include the damper fan cover screws (order separately, part number 1231). See more info.

  • £65.00

    Intended for use with our Dynamic Indoor Rower, the Dynamic Link allows you to connect two or more Dynamic Indoor Rowers so you can train as a crew. if you buy two Dynamic Indoor Rowers, we’ll include a Dynamic Link for free!

  • £60.00

    For use with Dynamic Indoor Rowers. This is the main drive cord that runs from the handle to the drive plate hook inside on the foot carriage. Includes drive cord, drive plate hook, rope barrel, nylon tubing, a shuttle wedge tool and a rope warning label. See more info.

  • £55.00

    Water-resistant cover for Models A, B, C or D Indoor Rowers.

  • £47.00

    For use with Model D and E Indoor Rowers. This item includes one 8' 4" long nickel plated chain with a brass swivel at the handle end and chain connector for the inside end. It also includes a 14 tooth sprocket (compatible with Model D and E Indoor Rowers only) for the flywheel axle. If you need to replace both the chain and sprocket, this is the part...

  • £42.00

    The Indoor Rower Floor Mat is made out of 4.5 mm thick black rubber and measures 250 cm by 80 cm. The mat can be used on any surface and helps protect the floor as well as eliminate slippage.

  • £39.00

    For use with Model B Indoor Rowers. This 10ft long chain comes with a brass swivel at the handle end and chain connectors for the inside end. Fits Model B Indoor Rowers only. If your chain is badly rusted, has seized links or is broken, replace it with this part. See more info.

  • £35.00

    For use with original Model D Indoor Rowers only. Includes the most common wear and tear parts to keep your Model D in top condition. See more info.

  • £34.00

    For use with Model A and B Indoor Rowers. Order this kit if you want to upgrade your Model A or B with the style flexfeet standard on new indoor rowers. New flexfeet provide wider range of motion, greater security for the heel, easier adjustability to accommodate a wide range of foot sizes. See more info.

  • £34.00

    For use with the Model A and B Indoor Rower (Ergometer) only. This is the seat top and carriage only. Does not include hardware or seat rollers.

  • £27.50

    For use with light blue Model D Indoor Rowers manufactured from July 2003–July 2006. See more info.

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